About US

Our Mission

OpenROAD™ is a front-runner in open-source semiconductor design automation tools and know-how. Our project reduces barriers of access and tool costs to democratize system and product innovation in silicon.

The OpenROAD tool and flow provide autonomous, no-human-in-the-loop,
24-hour RTL-GDSII capability to support low-overhead design exploration and implementation through tapeout. We welcome a diverse community of designers, researchers, enthusiasts and entrepreneurs who use and contribute to OpenROAD to make a far-reaching impact.

Our Goal

24-hour, No-Human-In-The-Loop layout design for SOC, Package and PCB with no Power-Performance-Area (PPA) loss
Tapeout-capable tools in source code form, with permissive
licensing → seed future “Linux of EDA”

Our Approach

No Humans: tools must adapt and self-tune, must never get stuck unexpectedly
24 hours: extreme partitioning of problems
  • parallel search on cloud
  • machine learning for predictability
  • We are creating new base technologies that enable 24-hour autonomous design, bringing down barriers and democratizing hardware design.