OpenROAD: The Journey So Far, and the Roadmap

OpenROAD has come a long way since its inception in 2019 and is now driving critical innovation and a roadmap for Chip Design in the Semiconductor Industry and Education and Workforce development. Here are the latest updates from Prof. Andrew Kahng’s recent Keynote at ORconf : 15, 2023

Precision Innovations Inc and Abacus Semiconductor Corporation partner to foster open-source SoC design using OpenROAD across the semiconductor user community

Precision Innovations is partnering with Abacus Semiconductor Corporation to expand the use of open-source based SoC design software as part of its FOSS and Security ecosystem.  Precision’s OpenROAD based SoC design tools with proprietary extensions use permissive licensing thereby providing key advantages of open, collaborative, rapid design turn-around  with security features and easy code access […]

OpenROAD and key directions for the open-source EDA community

Professor Andrew Kahng shares his vision about OpenROAD and key directions for the open-source EDA community, at OSDA-2023, the 3rd Workshop on Open-Source Design Automation in Antwerp. How will we move ahead faster together? : Raising bars, breaking down barriers, building infrastructure and better proxies.

The OpenROAD 7nm Design Contest Results are announced!

The OpenROAD 7nm Design contest broke many barriers– engaging a diverse global community to participate, learn and compete to solve challenging design problems using popular RISC-V base cores and an advanced technology node using asap7. Participants had the opportunity to learn IC design skills and apply the OpenROAD native flow -OpenROAD-flow-scripts through custom training videos […]

An ML-based ICCAD contest for Static IR Drop Estimation

Static IR drop is critical at advanced node design closure. We invite you to participate in this interesting and challenging OpenROAD-based ML contest by Steel Perlot and ASU announced at ICCAD 2023 : Problem C: . Stay tuned for more updates!

We are excited to announce our first Design Contest!–The OpenROAD 7nm Physical Design contest- Breaking Barriers with open-source VLSI.

The OpenROAD 7nm Physical Design contest- Breaking Barriers with open-source VLSI. OpenROAD ( breaks down cost , skills and access barriers to ASIC design to enable users to rapidly innovate and implement their designs. Discover the potential of open-source design. Join the contest, hosted by The OpenROAD Project and VLSI System Design. Find details here: […]