The OpenROAD project is pleased to announce the establishment of its Open-Source Community Contribution Awards. NEW open-source contributions in the realm of physical implementation and validation for IC, package or board design can be nominated for an Award using the below Form.

Awards in the range of US $250 to US $2000 will be made periodically by an industry review panel led by Dr. Paul Penzes (VP Engineering, Qualcomm). [Notes: (1) Recipients of OpenROAD project funding within the 12 months preceding the nomination date are not eligible for an Award. (2) Applicable taxes may be assessed on and deducted from Award payments, subject to UC San Diego and U.S. government policies. (3) Open source released under permissive license (BSD, MIT, Apache), and interoperability with existing open-source codes as well as commercial tool flows, will be more highly valued in the Award criteria. (4) Self-nominations are permitted.]

Please direct questions to