OpenROAD Alumni

We’d like to thank the following OpenROAD project alumni for their contributions:

Payal Agarwal, UCSD M.S. Student
Kyojin Choo, U. Michigan Post-Doc
Gabrielle Coulousi, UCSD Administrative Staff
Lukas van Ginneken, Consultant
Soheil Hashemi, Brown U. Post-Doc
Chia-Tung (Mark) Ho, UCSD Ph.D. Student
Esther Lee, Project Manager
Jeongsup Lee, U. Michigan Ph.D. Student
Zhaoxin Liang, U. Minnesota Ph.D. Student
Hsin Yu (Desmond) Liu, UCSD Ph.D. Student
Uday Mallappa, UCSD Ph.D. Student
Shawn Milligan, UCSD Administrative Staff
Dmitry Mironov, Consultant
Vibhav Salimath, UT-Dallas Ph.D. Student
Carl Sechen, UT-Dallas PI
Siddharth Singh, UCSD M.S. Student
Bill Swartz, UT-Dallas Co-PI
Lutong Wang, UCSD Ph.D. Student
Zhehong Wang, U. Michigan Ph.D. Student
D. F. Martin Wong, UIUC PI
Bangqi Xu, UCSD Ph.D. Student