OpenROAD Alumni

We’d like to thank the following OpenROAD project alumni for their contributions:

Payal Agarwal, UCSD M.S. Student
Ahmed Agiza, Brown U. Ph.D. Student
Chung-Kuan Cheng, UCSD Professor
Kyojin Choo, U. Michigan Post-Doc
Gabrielle Coulousi, UCSD Administrative Staff
Lukas van Ginneken, Consultant
Soheil Hashemi, Brown U. Post-Doc
Abdelrahman Hosny, Brown U. Ph.D. Student
Chia-Tung (Mark) Ho, UCSD Ph.D. Student
Chester Holtz, UCSD Ph.D. Student
Esther Lee, Project Manager
Jeongsup Lee, U. Michigan Ph.D. Student
Zhaoxin Liang, U. Minnesota Ph.D. Student
Ting-Chou Lin, UCSD Ph.D. Student
Hsin Yu (Desmond) Liu, UCSD Ph.D. Student
Uday Mallappa, UCSD Ph.D. Student
Shawn Milligan, UCSD Administrative Staff
Dmitry Mironov, Consultant
Vibhav Salimath, UT-Dallas Ph.D. Student
Carl Sechen, UT-Dallas PI
Siddharth Singh, UCSD M.S. Student
Bill Swartz, UT-Dallas Co-PI
Lutong Wang, UCSD Ph.D. Student
Zhehong Wang, U. Michigan Ph.D. Student
D. F. Martin Wong, UIUC PI
Ting-Chou Lin, UCSD Ph.D. Student
Bangqi Xu, UCSD Ph.D. Student