Precision Innovations is partnering with Abacus Semiconductor Corporation to expand the use of open-source based SoC design software as part of its FOSS and Security ecosystem.  Precision’s OpenROAD based SoC design tools with proprietary extensions use permissive licensing thereby providing key advantages of open, collaborative, rapid design turn-around  with security features and easy code access that align well with design and development principles of Abacus Semiconductor Corporation. 

Abacus advocates open-source usage broadly and supports a diverse ecosystem of open-source tools that serve its differentiated product portfolio by breaking barriers of cost and innovation in proprietary tools.

Abacus Semiconductor Corporation is a fabless semiconductor company that designs and engineers processors, accelerators and smart multi-homed memories for use in supercomputers and in the backend for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (including Large Language Models such as ChatGPT and GPT-4) as well as traditional High Performance Compute (HPC) applications.