OpenROAD at DAC 2022- Leading the Charge toward Democratized Chip Design

DAC-2022 #DAC59 was refreshing in several ways. First, it brought together people in the EDA and Semiconductor industries after the strict barriers imposed by the pandemic and the remote work model. Second, there was clear interest and focus amongst exhibitors, conference attendees, and panelists to chart key industry initiatives to foster open-source ecosystems and innovation.  […]

OpenROAD at GSoC 2022

This year three OpenROAD related projects have been selected by the GSoC Initiative. These were proposed by OpenROAD through the UCROSS/OSRE mentor organization: Two of these projects are aimed at enhancing OpenLane documentation and thereby improving the overall user experience with installation, flow, debugging and visualization during key stages of the OpenLane design flow. […]

Automated SoC, Mixed-Signal Design using OpenROAD and FASoC

OpenROAD is a foundational application for open-source VLSI design from RTL to GDSII. It is used widely by many popular Open Source tools and initiatives that foster and enable ASIC and FPGA design flows and methodologies. One such initiative is  FASoC, a DARPA-funded program across multiple universities and industry leaders such as Arm, led by […]

Using Git Action For OpenLane Design Change Management

The OpenROAD project contains a specific repository that defines a set of useful actions that can be triggered to implement several valuable functions. Refer to the repository The file lists the actions provided for various useful functions that can be applied to the OpenROAD project repositories. One such function is openlane_run. The action […]