Effective Design Productivity and Performance Management using GitHub Notifications

OpenROAD™ aims to continually improve the quality of the application and results i.e PPA for designs. One of the ways to do this is to track CI both internally within the project tools and design repository and enable users to manage their design and CI environment.  OpenROAD uses METRICS2.1 to log design data and track […]

Automated SoC, Mixed-Signal Design using OpenROAD and OpenFASoC

OpenROAD™ is a foundational application for open-source VLSI design from RTL to GDSII. It is used widely by many popular Open Source tools and initiatives that foster and enable ASIC and FPGA design flows and methodologies. One such initiative is  FASoC, a DARPA-funded program across multiple universities and industry leaders such as Arm, led by […]

Using Git Action For OpenLane Design Change Management

The OpenROAD™ project contains a specific repository that defines a set of useful actions that can be triggered to implement several valuable functions. Refer to the repository https://github.com/The-OpenROAD-Project/actions. The README.md file lists the actions provided for various useful functions that can be applied to the OpenROAD project repositories. One such function is openlane_run. The action […]

MPW designs in OpenROAD CI improve quality for everyone

OpenROAD™ is committed to continuously improving software quality and robustness since it is the key engine for OpenLane and potentially other open-source flow controllers. This primarily hinges on two main goals: Ensuring  broad coverage for design size and functionality Catching and fixing software and tool problems earlier in the development cycle OpenROAD deploys a CI […]

OpenROAD – Key Milestones on the Road towards Good PPA

OpenROAD – Key Milestones on the Road towards Good PPA Overview OpenROAD™ is the leading open-source digital place-and-route solution, providing easy access and removing the cost barriers of commercial VLSI design tools. OpenROAD’s vision and focus is to democratize semiconductor design automation from RTL-to-GDS. The impact of OpenROAD’s innovation and outreach is visible in the […]