Supply Chain and Hardware Security using Open-source Solutions

Driving an open-source based vision for a resilient supply chain The  VE-HEP  is an ambitious research project that aims to build an open-source based hardware ecosystem for trustworthy electronics and a strong, resilient supply chain as part of the HEP-alliance. The HEP alliance is a consortium of 8 academic and industry partners that are building […]

OpenROAD projects for GSoC 2024 are announced and ready for applications!

OpenROAD projects for GSoC 2024 are announced and ready for applications! Please share with colleagues and friends who may be interested in these exciting opportunities for a summer internship. Refer to the link here for details:

2023 has been a year of Rapid expansion and innovation for the OpenROAD project

2023 has been a year of Rapid expansion and innovation for the OpenROAD project: Project outreach, new application capabilities, support for Education and Workforce programs and more! OpenROAD 2023: A Year of Expansion Goodbye 2023! Hello 2024! Greetings and a Happy New Year from the Precision Innovations team and The OpenROAD Project! Together, we enable […]

Precision Innovations Inc and Abacus Semiconductor Corporation partner to foster open-source SoC design using OpenROAD across the semiconductor user community

Precision Innovations is partnering with Abacus Semiconductor Corporation to expand the use of open-source based SoC design software as part of its FOSS and Security ecosystem.  Precision’s OpenROAD based SoC design tools with proprietary extensions use permissive licensing thereby providing key advantages of open, collaborative, rapid design turn-around  with security features and easy code access […]

The OpenROAD 7nm Design Contest Results are announced!

The OpenROAD 7nm Design contest broke many barriers– engaging a diverse global community to participate, learn and compete to solve challenging design problems using popular RISC-V base cores and an advanced technology node using asap7. Participants had the opportunity to learn IC design skills and apply the OpenROAD native flow -OpenROAD-flow-scripts through custom training videos […]

An ML-based ICCAD contest for Static IR Drop Estimation

Static IR drop is critical at advanced node design closure. We invite you to participate in this interesting and challenging OpenROAD-based ML contest by Steel Perlot and ASU announced at ICCAD 2023: Problem C: . Stay tuned for more updates!

Energy Efficient Design Starts with the Architecture

Developed with funding from DARPA MTO’s Intelligent Design of Electronic Assets (IDEA) program, OpenROAD™ provides Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) and System on Chip (SoC) design teams with an open source, no-human-in-loop, 24-hour chip place-and-route solution. OpenROAD’s value proposition is that it brings down the barriers of cost, expertise and unpredictability of proprietary solutions which […]

OpenROAD 2022: Year End Review

2022 has been a very exciting and productive year for the OpenROAD™ project. We made good progress across main project areas including core technologies, tool quality, PPA outcomes and targeted outreach programs. This has led to a wider usage of our tools in various applications and an exponential growth in our user community. Our core […]